kat vellos is a belizean-american photographer, designer, writer and facilitator.

this page features a tiny fraction of the photos she’s taken over the last two decades.

her favorite camera is her 20-year-old pentax k1000 35mm, followed closely by her TLR holga. she usually shoots with whatever camera she can reach the fastest, which is typically the kind that fits in her pocket.

kat unabashedly keeps it simple by following the mottoes of photographers chase jarvis (“the best camera is the one that’s with you”) and zorn b. taylor (“it’s not the camera, it’s the shooter”). she believes that it’s a true demonstration of creativity and photographic skill if one can make great art with simple tools.

thus, she continually chooses to practice photography using unfancy cameras that are accessible to nearly anyone, proving that you don’t need a $5,000 camera to be creative. that said, she does know her way around the manual settings of any DSLR or analog 35mm/120mm camera, and she plays with those too. all the toys are fun toys.

instagram: @velloseraptor
twitter: @katvellos
www: katvellos.com